Cedar Brook Dance Academy

Rookie Team: Ages 6-9 

Cost is $175 per month and includes 3.5 hours of class and rehearsal time.  (2-3 local competitions per year)

Rising Stars: Ages 9+

Cost is $275 per month and includes 5 hours of class and rehearsal time.  (2-3 competitions per year)

Elite Competition Team (Intermediate / Advanced Level)

Cost is $330 per month and includes 8.5 hours of class and rehearsal time (min. 3 competitions per year)Type your paragraph here.



  • Competitions will be selected for the season by the end of September so families can arrange their personal schedules.  Dancers must be available for the entire weekend (Friday-Sunday) regional competitions and the full week of the national competition if we chose to compete at Nationals.

  • Maximum of 3 competition rehearsal absences throughout the year are permitted unless otherwise approved by dance instructors.  No rehearsal practice absences are allowed the 3 weeks leading up to any competition.    Excessive absences beyond what is allowed can jeopardize their opportunity to compete.

  • Summer dance intensives and summer evening dance programs are required for Competition dancers and strongly as they are an integral part of your dancer’s development.

  • Competition payments will be paid in 5 monthly installments beginning in October. Once you have agreed to perform in a competition, there can be no refunds.  

  • Dancer’s accounts must be current 1 week prior to any competition payment due dates or they will not be permitted to compete with their team and there will be no refund of competition fees already paid.

  • Private lessons are required to compete in a solo and are priced separately per hour or per 1/2 hour.  Private lessons are only available for CBDA students.

  • All dancers must arrive on time for class with proper dance attire and dance shoes.

  • You are required to be at scheduled competition events two hours prior to your routines unless otherwise noted by your dance teacher.

  • Competitions companies will usually post their schedules 1 week prior to the competition. A copy of the schedule will be given to students who are competing.  

  • Dancers are expected to purchase & wear designated CBDA warm-up outfits at each competition especially on stage during awards.

  • A checklist of required items for competitions will be provided by CBDA.  It is the responsibility of each dancer/family to  provide their own required items (makeup, hair items, etc.)

  • CBDA, it’s employees, teachers and support staff are not responsible for any injuries sustained in activities related to the dance team.  Some competition companies will require you to sign a waiver prior to the competition.

  • Every student must have a positive attitude, ready to work hard, and aspire to inspire your teammates to maintain their membership on the team.

  • When attending conventions and competitions, students and parents must behave in an appropriate manner. Poor sportsmanship, inappropriate attire, and being disrespectful to anyone (including other studios’ dancers and parents), is unacceptable. Please remember you are representing everyone at the Cedar Brook Dance Academy.

  • Competition Entry Fees (estimates)
    • Solo – $100 to $140 per dancer
    • Duo -- $70 to $80 per dancer
    • Trio -- $60 to $70 per dancer
    • Small/Large Group -- $50 to $60 per dancer
    • Production/Line -- $50 to $60 per dancer

  • CBDA will require a contract to be signed by the dancer and parent that stipulate your understanding and agreement to the expectations of being a Company, Rising Star, or Rookie team member

Call: 856.753.7661